Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beach Vacation Part II

We took family pictures

Bryan and Jett were good friends...

...So were Bryan and Derek

This was AFTER he got out of his sand hole

Every day we'd pack up the beach toys, blankets, chairs, cooler and haul it down to the beach

Jett ran a LOT

They dug some more holes

And recruited some help

Check our those hand chairs...

I mostly drank horchata the whole week

Every time they started to dig a whole the kids would swarm

These pictures are in reverse... I'm not too worried about it.  I'm so happy I married into a family that knows how to go to the beach.  Last winter the thought of this beach vacation is what got me through those cold, snowy days.  Now I have pictures to look at and fun memories to get me through the winter until our NEXT beach vacation!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer (Beach) Magic

I think I have put off summer posting because I know if I post it then it really is over and that makes me sad :(

Bryan and I drove down to Oceanside, CA to spend the week with his dad and family. It was glorious. The house was right on the beach and the doors opened to the balcony that looked out at the ocean. Dream. Come. True.

This was our balcony and where I spent most of my time when we were home...

Byran and I cooked dinner the first night. Spaghetti!

On Sunday, Bryan and I went to the Mormon Battalion monument and panned for gold!


This is pretty much what Jett did the WHOLE time. RUN.

This is how photogenic I am
There was lots of hole digging.

More running

And digging

And boarding

Sweet wave Bro.

And large burritos

I miss this the most!! We tried to eat as much Mexican as we could. And Horchata!

More boarding

We went to an Angels game!! (We lost but I won't talk about that)

This is only the first 2 days!! To be continued...